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Summary - The Timer4Tabata APP

Timer4Tabata is a simple timer App which indicates the intervals for a Tabatatraining and helps you to see your progress.

The app counts after pressing the Start / Stop button, the seconds for the Intensive 20s interval and 10s pause in each case the App plays sounds from which you can recognize it's time for full power or is now finally a pause. The app is easy to use and is minimal in design.

There is a simple start / stop "button" self-explanatory and a reset "button" for the complete restart of the exercise. As a reward for completing the training, there is a success message and the good feeling to have a fitter body.

So have fun while exercising with Timer4Tabata


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What is Tabata-Training?

a short introduction

Tabata Training Is a named after Dr. Izumi Tabata and is a HIIT that stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is particularly interesting for people who want to effectively train the body in less time.

Here you train in - 8 phases with - 20s with full commitment (with 75% of your maximum heart rate, or simply with no possible conversation "Language Test") and - 10s subsequent pause

with regular (5 days per week) training is the increased fitness compared that little time of effort very effective ( according to a study).

Advantages: - In a short time high effect - afterburn - Location-independent - Many exercises are suitable ...about: pushups, jumping-jacks, squats, burpees, sprint - With or without accessories - Change possible

problems: - Decreasing effects, so it's more an extension of a regular training - Exercises with low intensity execution

The Timer4Tabata App

App function Description


Interval situation: GO! / pause

Seconds: depending interval kind 0-20 / 0-10

Progress: the completed “GO!” Intervals


Start / Stop button: Start or pause the entire Tabata interval

Reset button: resets the entire trainings session



for a successful start
  • make a exercise plan
  • PDF Training Plan empty
  • Warm up (10 min)
  • Regularly - developing a routine
  • Start easy and simple
  • Execute the exercises correctly
  • You can not talk if you give everything - "Language-Test"
  • or (75% of your Maximum heart rate)
  • make nice variety and combinations

Training Plan Example

3-4 times a week
interval exercise pause
1 20 seconds of jumping jacks 10s pause
2 20 seconds Squats 10s pause
3 20 seconds pushups 10s pause
4 20 seconds Burpees 10s pause
5 20 seconds of jumping jacks 10s pause
6 20 seconds Squats 10s pause
7 20 seconds pushups 10s pause
8 20 seconds Burpees 10s pause


contact / requests / support

just drop my a line